Green-Go Cactus Water Testimonials

“It’s like drinking right out of a cactus! Very refreshing!
Melissa M. • Registered Nurse • Rohnert Park, CA
“Super delicious, keeps me going strong especially when I’m out in the heat!”
Pat F. • Cattle Rancher • Napa, CA
I absolutely love this product! It is so refreshing, and I feel as though I consumed 10 bottles of regular water – it’s that hydrating. The taste is very light and mild which is great. If you’re someone who works out often, this is a product for you. I also love the fact that I can consume a bottle before enjoying a few cocktails with friends and wake up in the morning without a headache!
Amy S. • Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist • Austin, TX
I took some Green-Go with me to Washington Column in Yosemite National Park. It was definitely a thirst quencher and hit the spot after a day in the sun.
Isaac L. • Rock Climber • Monterey, CA
“There are many different types of waters you can purchase and if comparing, some just taste different and some are more refreshing than others.  Green-Go gives me both of these!  It has a very unique taste that gets better and better as you drink it and I would also rank at the top of my refreshment scale.  I drink Green-Go in the morning when I’m going to work and surprising enough I can drink as an alternative for coffee. No added caffeine but refreshing enough for that morning wake me up drink.  I would recommend this water to anyone!”
Mark M. • Contractor • Austin, TX
“This cactus water sure is the bees knees, got me feeling cool like a cucumber!”
Jake G. • DJ • San Francisco, CA